Sunrise hot air balloon ride of Friday 29th May 2009



As the early morning mist began to clear revealing a beautiful Friday morning, our passengers and their spectators were keen to begin the adventure that awaited them.


Once the formalities were over and everyone was fully briefed, the fun could begin with everyone joining in and helping prepare G-CDHL for the morning's hot air balloon flight.


Finally all the checks were completed and our passengers climbed aboard and were soon drifting over the fine city of Norwich on a gentle easterly breeze. It wasn’t long before they floated away from the urban areas, and it was now time for experiencing the scenic views of rolling countryside between Hethersett and Little Melton.


Sadly every adventure must end, and Friday mornings aerial experience drew to a close with the balloon landing in a set aside field at Wramplingham, near Barford and Barnham Broom.


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G-CDHL before landing at Wramplingham
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