Sunset flight of Sunday 14th June 2009


Passengers were checked in by a member of crew and when everyone had arrived the first of the safety briefings began. Passengers and spectators listened carefully to the instructions before passengers were taken to the baskets for their basket briefing.


After all the formalities were over the fun began and passengers helped the crew to pull out the balloon on the ground.


Once the pilot was happy with the weather, G-CENX our blue balloon was prepared for flight. As the balloon lifted into the upright position passengers were called to board many with beaming faces, they were soon on their way, waving good-bye to family and friends who were then keen to follow the retrieval crew by way of the road.


Floating effortlessly across the Norfolk sky the city of Norwich was soon left behind as G-CENX heading south towards Wymondham.


Fantastic bird’s-eye views of the rolling Norfolk Countryside were presented to our passengers as they passed the villages of Wicklewood , Hackford and Hingham before they came back down to earth at Calverly Hall near Southburgh.


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Sunset hot air balloon ride from Norwich, Norfolk
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