Evening hot air balloon flight Saturday 25th July 2009


On this glorious Saturday evening sixteen excited passengers together with family and friends gathered at our launch site on Bluebell Road in Norwich.


With the wind direction established as south westerly the crew set about the first stage of preparation for flight  for our large blue balloon G-CENX , while the pilot started the launch site safety briefing for both passengers and spectators. This complete passengers were brought down to the basket for their basket briefing where they learnt to climb in and out of the basket , what to expect during the flight and more importantly what to expect during the landing phase of the flight. 


Concerned that the wind direction had changed the pilot let off another met balloon and sure enough a sea breeze had developed thus changing the direction to an easterly . Disconnecting the balloon from the basket the crew with a little help from some strong volunteers swung the basket round to face the direction of flight and reattached the balloon. Once the pilot was happy with the weather  G-CENX was soon inflated and ready to take her passengers on their aerial adventure. 


With everyone safely on board and some strong blasts from the burners G-CENX lifted her passengers gracefully into the air presenting her passengers with spectacular views of the City of Norwich before heading out over the stunning Norfolk countryside were some fantastic photo opportunities opened up before their eyes. Passing over the villages of Little Melton, Bawburgh and Barford G-CENX finally came to rest on a freshly cut stubble field alongside Barnham Broom golf club.


With the help of some very willing passengers the crew soon had G-CENX safely packed away and the adventure drew to a close with a traditional Champagne toast.


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Evening hot air balloon flight from Norwich on Saturday 25th July 2009
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