Evening hot air balloon adventure of Wednesday 5th August


After the seriousness of the safety briefings were completed the evening adventure of Wednesday 6th August could begin.


With the eager help of our sixteen passengers, G-CDHL was soon ready for the fans to be switched on. When full of cold air, the pilot, Dan, lit the burners to heat up the air inside.


Once the passengers had climbed on board, and final preflight checks completed, G-CDHL rose into the skies above Norwich.


Heading out over the west of the city, views of the University of East Anglia and Norwich International Airport were enjoyed before flying on over the villages of Taverham, Attlebridge, and Cawston before landing in a stubble field in the Norfolk village of Edgefiled.


Toasting the flight with a glass of champagne by torch light, all of our passengers, who ranged from a surprise birthday treat to passengers who were not so lucky to have gone on their first booking, agreed it was an evening to remember.


Mr Barry Masefield said, "Worth every penny and the wait."


The following morning, we received these kind words from Myra Arnold, "Dear Jules, Dan and all members of the crew. We had such a wonderful experience on the evening of 5th August. The peace and quiet was amazing as we floated over the stunning Norfolk countryside. Dan our pilot answered our questions whilst flying the beautiful yellow balloon. We ended the evening drinking our champagne in a stubble field with the moon shining down on us. Everyone was so helpful. All in all a wonderful unforgettable experience which will stay with us for a very long time. Many thanks to Dan, the crew and especially to Jules for all the help and support. Myra, Tony and Margot. "



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"Worth every penny!" Wednesday evening's hot air balloon trip
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