"Awesome!" The morning hot air balloon flight of Thursday 13th August

The morning dawned to reveal beautiful clear blue skies. With the formalities of the briefings completed the fun began as our passengers helped to prepare G-CENX for her flight.


Once inflated and the burners alight passengers eagerly clambered aboard anticipating the excitement that lay ahead. “This is awesome” said one passenger Annette White.


Drifting graceful ly in the morning skies above the city of Norwich, the mix of scenery opened up before our passengers like a living map. Flying in a south easterly direction over the Norfolk villages of Keswick, Dunston, Stoke Holy Cross and Shotesham Janice Breame said “What a wonderful way to start the day.”


Unfortunately this mornings adventure had to come to an end as G-CENX landed on a grass field at Kirstead Green. Over the sounds of Champagne corks popping Mr and Mrs Cox said “It’s a must do... its so tranquil”, and Susan Harrow said” I want to go back and do it all again this evening.”

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"Awesome!" The verdict from our passengers of this morning's hot air balloon flight over Norfolk
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