The evening adventure of Saturday 22nd August


“Are you booked to fly with us this evening” asked Jules in a very cheery voice. “ I hope so” I said excitedly. After parking my car I joined some other passengers and we were all very excited about our forthcoming hot air balloon flight. More and more people arrived and there was soon a large crowd, some passengers had brought family and friends along to watch, one little lad excitedly told me he was going to follow the balloon in his granddad’s car.


We were soon asked to gather around and Jules delivered a very professional safety briefing and then it was down to the basket for our basket briefing. I felt a bit nervous climbing into the basket for the first time but I was soon put at ease when our pilot explained what was going to happen we were told about the landing positions and asked to get into them, it was a snug fit but apparently snug is good.


Richard, our pilot, asked for a hand to tip over the basket and the crew, in their smart uniforms, were soon attaching the balloon. We had been told that it was a little gusty and that we would have to wait for the wind to die down a little so we all took the opportunity to soak up some evening sunshine while the children thought it was great fun to play in the long grass.


Before long there was a bit of activity and the balloons was pulled out into a long sausage shapes on the ground. I was keen to get my hands on the fabric and I helped to stretch out the blue balloon, I was amazed at how heavy it was. We took up our positions as instructed and watched in awe as the fans started and slowly both balloons were inflated. I knew they were big but when you are that close they are enormous. I couldn’t believe that a life long dream was almost here. Soon the burners were on and the balloons rose into the air and lifted the baskets into an upright position. I had butterflies in my stomach as I heard Richard call for passengers and we made our way to the basket and all climbed aboard. With some last minute safety checks the burners were on and it was surprising how warm it was in the basket. The basket stirred on the ground and then moved across it and then we had lift off we were air borne.


I just couldn’t stop smiling it was everything I thought it would be and more. The balloon rose quickly into the sky and the view was breathtaking.I couldn’t believe how clear everything was it was just magic, you could see for miles. I spent the entire flight captivated by the view. We flew over the city and then headed out over the country side travelling over fields and woods before it was over too soon and we were asked to take up the landing positions. We all waited with anticipation as we had no idea what to expect then came a bump and another and the basket was dragged a little and it rocked on its edge but Richard was able to stop it from tipping over which we were grateful for, apart from those who wanted the final adrenaline rush.


We had seen the retrieval crew waiting for us to land and they were soon on the field and we all helped to pack up the balloon although some of the air refused to come out. Eventually everything was packed away ready for another flight as we made our way to the edge of the field. As the sun was setting we toasted our flight with a lovely glass of Champagne and I quietly thanked my family for such a wonderful birthday gift of a lifetime.





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Hot air balloon flight over Norfolk

G-CENX before landing at Buxton
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