Late afternoon adventure of Thursday 17th September 2009


At check-in time on Thursday 17th September, the passengers booked onto the afternoon flight were delighted to hear that our forecasters had suggested that the weather was looking suitable, as many had suspected otherwise.


Once all of the passengers and their spectators had arrived at the launchsite on Bluebell Road, Norwich, the launchsite safety briefing was given. After waiting for the forecast weather conditions, the balloon was inflated and prepared for flight.


G-CENX gracefully soared into the early evening sky shortly after 18:00 hours. The wind carried the adventurers in a South Westerly direction, heading towards Hethersett and Wymondham, providing views of both the beautiful Norfolk countryside and it’s picturesque towns.


The experience came to an end when they landed at Morley St Botolph, near Deopham and Besthorpe, where the balloon was packed away, and the evening concluded with a traditional glass of Champagne and a lift back to the launchsite in our minibus.


Joan Richmond who was one of our passengers had to say of her adventure the next morning, "Thank you to everyone who made me a very happy elderly lady!"


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