Morning aerial adventure of Saturday 19th September 2009.


The early morning mist cleared revealing a beautiful Saturday morning as our passengers gathered on our launch site in Norwich, excited at the experience of a lifetime that was awaiting them.


The basket was pulled off the trailer and the balloon laid out and inflated. Soon after the passengers were climbing aboard, anticipating the unique feeling of flying in a hot air balloon. It wasn’t long before they were airborne and the journey had begun.


G-CENX escorted the aerial explorers over the beautiful morning scenery, away from Norwich in a south westerly direction. Continuing down the path of the A11 towards Wymondham the mix of open fields and built up areas soon shared their secrets.


Unfortunately what goes up must come down and the adventurous aeronauts finally landed in a stubble field in Spooner Row.


The flight was toasted with the traditional Champagne (or fruit juice), and the passengers refelcted on the extraordinary ride they had just participated in.


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Hot air balloon ride over Norfolk
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