Evening hot air balloon trip of Saturday 12th September 2009


On Saturday evening our launch site in Norwich was once again the meeting place for sixteen passengers all anticipating their aerial adventure, with their spectators present to see them off on their journey of a lifetime.


The winds were gusting to quickly to begin the flight, but were forecast to drop out in time for the adventure. After patiently waiting for the suitable conditions, the balloon was inflated and the eager passengers climbed on board, soon waving farewell to their friends and family on the ground below.


Sailing through the late Summer air, the views of south west Norwich were superb, later replaced by equally delicious scenes of the Norfolk countryside.


They finally landed at Tasburgh, and once the balloon had been packed away the passengers enjoyed a glass of chilled Champagne while receiveing their commemorative flight certificates and discussing what they had all just experienced.


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Hot air balloon trip from Norwich, Norfolk
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