Early evening flight of Thursday 24th September

As many were making their way home from work, G-CENX and her sixteen passengers gently climbed into the evening skies above Norwich. Drifting peacefully in a South Easterly direction, spectacular views of Norwich were enjoyed by all.


Many friends and family chose to join in the adventure and chase the balloon through Norfolk, following the retreival crew‘s Land Rover.


After leaving the excellent views of the city behind, they were replaced with breathtaking scenes of the Norfolk countryside. They crossed over the A47, and G-CENX and her aerial adventurers were soon flying over Poringland and then Framingham Earl before landing in Yelverton.


Once the balloon was packed away, the flight was toasted with a glass of Champagne, and the adventure drew to a close.


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Passengers got to enjoy the spectacular views our fine city has to offer
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