Afternoon hot air balloon flight of Saturday 26th September from Suffolk

The Cornwallis Country Hotel at Brome is a beautiful Grade II listed building nestled within 23 acres of gardens and woodland and therefore the perfect setting for a hot air balloon flight.


With passengers and their spectators gathered, safety briefings were soon completed and with the enthusiastic help of everyone, G-CENX was soon prepared and ready for flight.


Climbing out of the grounds, G-CENX was gently traveling in a north westerly wind. With great visability the coast of Southwold was soon in view, together with a number of Suffolk's rural villages.


Continuing the adventure over the villages of Denham and Heckfield Green, G-CENX returned back to earth in a stubble field in Stradbrooke, right next to the farmer, Mr and Mrs Painter who were there to give our retrieval crew permission to collect the balloon.


Once packed away, the flight was toasted with a glass or two of champagne.


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Saturday 26th September afternoon's adventure from the Cornwallis Country Hotel
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