The morning hot air balloon flight of Thursday 15th October


The weather for the morning of Thursday 15th October 2009 was looking suitable for hot air ballooning, so the sixteen anticipating passengers and their spectators met at the launchsite in Norwich at 07:45. Shortly under an hour later they were floating, with G-CENX as their carriage.


The wind guided them in a south-westerly direction towards Mulbarton, away from the city, over the county’s spectacularly picturesque rural areas. The aerial adventurers were presented with magnificent views of the south Norfolk towns and villages, a wonderful contrast to the suburban surroundings of the launchsite.


With views of both the outskirts of Norwich and also rural countryside, they had experienced the best of both worlds, but one of the adventurous aspects of ballooning is that every ride is different!


The landing site was in Great Moulton near Aslacton, where the passengers were presented with their flight certificates and toasted the voyage with the traditional Champagne.



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G-CENX before landing at Great Moulton
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