Tuesday 16th March 2010 - the first hot air balloon flight of 2010!

Here at Broadland Balloon Flights we are always watching the weather, so when we saw suitable weather approaching, using our standby service we scheduled a hot air balloon flight. Unlike many operators we don't just hire pilots for the main flying season, we look to fly all year round!

So on Tuesday 16th March 2010, a morning hot air balloon flight was scheduled, and the passengers booked aboard arrived at our launchsite on Bluebell Road, Norwich, anticipating the treat that lay in store for them all.

After the safety briefings had been heard and the balloon prepared for flight, the passengers climbed aboard G-CENX and began their aerial adventure, gently floating up into the crisp morning sky. They were soon drifting peacefully over the city of Norwich, heading in an easterly direction.

After beholding spectacular views of Trowse, they left the city and were soon discovering the entirely different but equally sublime sights of the Norfolk countryside. Flying along the River Yare to Surlingham, the adventure continued over Brundall and Lingwood.

With the minutes drifting by like the countryside below all-too-soon the end of the flight approached. Returning back to earth in the village of Beighton near Acle, where the flight was toasted in the traditional manner with a glass of chilled champagne. The perfect ending to the first flight of the year.

“Far, far better than I ever expected. The crew was excellent, I felt safe in their more than capable hands” - Mr James Warlow.

"Wonderful experience to be so silently held between earth and sky - barely perceptible movement - the whole city of Norwich spread out beneath the basket on one side and the meandering river on the other," Elaine Constantine.

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Tuesday morning's hot air balloon flight from Norwich
Broadland Balloon Flights
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