The evening hot air balloon flights of Sunday 23rd May


Passengers and spectators eagerly gathered on the launch site on Bluebell Road in Norwich for their hot air balloon flight. Both our hot air balloons G-CENX and G-CEJI were inflated to form colourful domes laying on the ground making for some great photo opportunities.


Having been previously briefed, passengers were ready to climb on board once the balloons were in an upright position. Our colourful balloon G-CEJI was the first to get airbourne and lifted majestically upwards to begin her journey, closely followed by our blue balloon G-CENX.


Once in sky the views were fantastic, flying directly over the city of Norwich landmarks such as the Cathedral and Norwich Castle could be seen. Both balloons headed in a northerly direction leaving the city behind as the countryside opened up before them.


Passengers enjoyed marvellous views of the Norfolk countryside as they drifted over the villages of Frettenham, Stratton Strawless and Buxton. With G-CENX landing at Felmingham and G-CEJI landing a little further on in the Norfolk village of Suffield, both balloons were soon packed away and passengers enjoyed a glass of champagne as the sunset on their aerial adventure.


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G-CENX high above Norwich
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