Broadland Balloon Flights - Norwich, Norfolk hot air balloon ridesBroadland Balloon Flights - Norwich, Norfolk hot air balloon rides

The early morning hot air balloon flight of Tuesday 22nd June


The early morning flight of 22nd June saw passengers gather at Bluebell Road, Norwich for a flight of a lifetime. Some passengers arrived very excited whilst others were a little nervous, but all worries were soon forgotten as passengers helped the crew to pull out our large blue balloon G-CENX.  


The large fans on either side of the basket soon filled the balloon with cold air before the pilot lit the burners and heated the air inside. G-CENX stood majestically above the basket as passengers were called to board. With all passengers safely on board and final safety checks complete G-CENX rose into the morning sky.


Passengers enjoyed spectacular views of the fine City of Norwich as they began their aerial adventure before heading in a northerly direction out over Norwich Airport and the countryside beyond.    


Drifting effortlessly with the breeze G-CENX passed the villages of Horsham St Faiths, Frettenham and Lamas. As their journey drew to a close and the balloon floated back to earth, passengers could almost touch the trees and they passed over them. Landing on a set aside field passengers were still eager to help the crew pack G-CENX away and were soon sipping champagne, fruit juice or a mixture of the too and comparing photographs of their wonderful experience.


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G-CENX flying over the city of Norwich
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