The evening hot air balloon flights of Wednesday 23rd June from Norwich


Eighteen enthusiastic passengers arrived at Bluebell Road in Norwich on the evening of 23rd June to embark on their aerial adventure with a hot air balloon flight. 


Passengers were checked in for their flight in G-CENX by a member of crew;  who also welcomed two passengers for their exclusive flight in our smaller balloon G-CEJI. 


With safety briefings complete and our pilots happy with the weather both balloons were inflated. Our smaller more colourful balloon G-CEJI was airborne first shortly followed by our larger blue balloon G-CENX. 


Rising peacefully into the evening sky with the wind as their tour guide, passengers enjoyed the views of City Of Norwich before travelling out over the Norfolk countryside.  Passengers were keen to take photos as the world slipped by beneath them as they passed the villages of Little Melton and Bawburgh before they were greeted by the earth again in the form of a scrubland in the village of Marlingford.  


The evening e nded for both hot air balloon flights with a glass of champagne and a commemorative certificate presented by their pilot.


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G-CENX before landing in Marlingford
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