The morning hot air balloon trip of Sunday 27th June over Norfolk


As passengers made their way towards our launch site the mist hung over the fields like a blanket, but was soon burnt away as the sun made an appearance and the start of their hot air balloon adventure could begin.


With passengers checked in and the first of the safety briefing complete, they were keen to help the crew to stretch out the fabric of the envelope. The fans were soon on and inflating our large yellow balloon G-CDHL. 


G- CDHL rose up from the ground and stood proud above her basket as passengers were called to board. On board the pilot briefed the passengers on what to expect during the flight and the all important landing phase. 


Rising gracefully into the morning sky passengers enjoyed fine views of the west side of the city of Norwich. Travelling with a north westerly wind, G-CDHL left the city behind and travelled over the Norfolk countryside. Passing over the villages of  Felthorpe, Brandiston and Cawston passengers enjoyed some fantastic photo opportunities before  landing close to the village of Saxthorpe. 


As the morning sun beat down crew and passengers packed G-CDHL before enjoying a well deserved glass of chilled Champagne, fruit juice or a mixture of the too! 


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G-CDHL flying over the city of Norwich on Sunday morning
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