The evening hot air balloon ride over Norwich on Saturday 24th July


Passengers arrived at our launch site on Bluebell Road in Norwich ready for their hot air balloon ride over Norwich.  After being greeted by a member of crew, passengers and their friends and family who had come to watch their adventure, attended the first safety briefing.


Our aerial adventurers were soon aware that ballooning is a team sport as shortly after the basket and envelope were laid out on the ground the wind changed direction. Under supervision from the crew and pilot everyone took hold of our large blue envelope and spun it clockwise through 180 degrees and within minutes the basket was attached and inflation began. 


Just after 7pm hot air balloon G-CENX stood above her basket and passengers climbed aboard. With final checks complete hot air balloon G-CENX  rose gracefully into the evening sky from Bluebell Road in Norwich.


With variable wind direction G-CENX  traversed slowly across the City of Norwich offering her passengers spectacular views of this fine city including Norwich Castle and Norwich Cathedral. 


Continuing with the hot air balloon ride G-CENX  left the city behind and came to land in a stubble field in the Norfolk village of Arminghall. Passengers helped the crew to pack away and as the sun set passengers toasted their hot air balloon ride with a glass of chilled champagne, fruit juice or a mixture of the two.


‘An amazing experience ‘ said Rosetta Brazell.


‘Brilliant Flight, it was a perfect birthday surprise’ Mr Lawson.


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Saturday evening's hot air balloon ride over Norwich
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