Evening hot air balloon flight of Tuesday 3rd August over Suffolk


On Tuesday evening our sixteen passengers passed through the wrought Iron gates of the Cornwallis Country Hotel, and along the tree lined drive, anticipating their aerial adventure. 


Having been checked in by a member of crew and the safety briefings completed, everyone was eager to help pull out our large yellow hot air balloon G-CDHL on the ground. Filling with cold air G-CDHL soon took on her enormous colourful dome shape before the pilot heated the air inside and she stood majestically above the basket. Passengers were called to board and were soon waving farewell to their friends and family on the ground below who had come to see them off on their journey of a lifetime.


Sailing through the late summer air, the views of the Suffolk countryside  were superb. Our pilot presented our passengers with some fantasic photo opportunities as he performed some lower level flying over the tree tops. The sprawling countryside spread out beneath like a living map as hot air balloon G-CDHL again rose high into the evening sky. 


Passengers were finally brought back to earth with a perfect landing on a grass field at the edge of the village of Hardwick.  Enjoying a glass of chilled Champagne whilst receiveing their commemorative flight certificates passengers discussed what a wonderful exprience they had just shared. 


‘The flight was much smoother than expected and the landing was perfect. It was very pleasant and the pilot was lovely and very kind. We had a really good bunch of passengers on board.’ Mrs Iris Houseago


‘It was well worth the wait and we really enjoyed it’ Mrs Jane Glazin


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Tuesday evening's flight over Suffolk
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