Evening Flight of Tuesday 21st September 2010


Our forecasters were suggesting that the weather on the evening of Tuesday 21st September 2010 was going to be suitable for hot air ballooning, so our passengers met at our launch site on Bluebell Road in Norwich at 16:15, eagerly awaiting their aerial adventure.


Once the safety briefings had been given, our blue hot air balloon G-CENX was prepared for flight. Once the balloon was inflated and the passengers were all boarded, the adventure began, as they drifted slowly up into the early evening skies.


Peacefully floating in a north westerly direction, many spectacular aerial views of Norfolk were presented to our passengers, providing fantastic photo opportunities.


Unfortunately what goes up must come down, and Tuesday evenings hot air balloon flight came to an end in Wood Dalling, near Heydon. Once the hot air balloon was packed away, the flight was toasted with the traditional glass of chilled Champagne, and our passengers were presented with their flight certificates before being given a lift back to the launch site in our minibus.


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Evening flight of Tuesday 22nd September 2010
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