The morning hot air balloon flight of Saturday 2nd October over Norwich


Conditions were suitable for hot air ballooning on Saturday morning so our aerial adventurers gathered at the our launch site on Bluebell Road in Norwich. 


As our blue balloon G-CENX was inflated passengers watched in anticipation as she took on her enormous size. The air inside the hot air balloon was heated and it wasn’t too long before G-CENX stood proudly above her basket awaiting her passengers.  With final checks complete G-CENX rose gently into the early morning sky. The early autumn colours of the surrounding trees soon gave way to a birds eye view of the City of Norwich as G-CENX drifted overhead. 


Powered only by the wind G-CENX continued in a north easterly direction offering spectacular aerial views of  Norwich Castle and Norwich Cathedral before heading out into the Norfolk countryside and landing at Thorpe End.


Passengers toasted the flight in the traditional manner with a glass of Champagne or fruit juice before being presented with their commemorative certificate by their pilot.


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