A wonderful testimonial received today

Dear all at Broadland Balloons,


 I'm writing to thank you all for out fantastic balloon flight experience last Thursday.  My friend Janet Henry and I had our flight cancelled 8 times before that evening and it was through checking on your Late Availability page that I found out there were available seats for that evening!!  (We were meant to go tonight, but I understand that flight has now been cancelled, due to the change in the weather, so we were very lucky we could move the flight forward!) 


 We had a wonderful time: everything we expected and more.  We'd never been on a balloon ride before and it was a sheer delight.  Our pilot Richard organized us into an obedient group with a great sense of humour, but at the same time firmly and making it very clear to us that there were strict rules to follow.  We took off imperceptibly and also almost imperceptibly landed in a fallow field 65 minutes later.  What a skill!  My unforgettable memory is one of profound peace and silence high up in the air with a wonderful sunset and sky-scapes reflected in the waterways below.


 I would also like to thank the office staff, amongst them Tom and Maggie, (but there were at least two other people whose names I don't know) who dealt with my calls in an enthusiastic and friendly manner throughout the 8 cancellations and re-bookings!


 My son and family in Melbourne, whose present this was for my 70th birthday, are also delighted that they could fulfill this long-standing wish of ours, voiced on the many occasions when we saw a balloon gliding overhead.


 Best wishes and keep up the excellent work!


 Mrs Dubravka Yarwood and Mrs Janet Henry.


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