Sunrise Views Of The Suffolk Countryside

On the morning of the 4th of September, Sean Simington the pilot and 16 excited passengers set off into a beautiful clear blue sky. The Balloon Ride took place from the Cornwallis Country Hotel in Brome and took to the skies at about 7:20 am.

Once in the air G-CENX took a north easterly direction drifting slowly over the Suffolk countryside giving its passengers brilliant aerial views of the villages; Hoxne, Cross street, Wingfield and fressingfield. G-CENX finally came into land near the village of Metfield.

The passengers put the crew to shame with the speed and efficiency they helped pack away the balloon ready for the champagne toast! Mr Pretty commented that it was a fantastic flight and that they will be recommending this fantastic experience. Angela Bradford also commented that the experience was "totally fantastic" and is one more off her bucket list!

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