Evening flight from Suffolk on Sunday 13th July 2008


Sunday evening saw G-CDHL in Suffolk launching from the Cornwallis Country Hotel. Travelling north gave wonderful views of initially the Suffolk countryside before flying back across the Norfolk/Suffolk border to land in a grass field in Forncett St Mary.  


Over her glass of champagne, passenger Jackie Baker, said "It was literally out of this world and all I had anticipated. I simply can't wait to go again!"


These comments were echoed by Theresa Jackson,“When I first booked our balloon flights, I was under the impression that we’d turn up at the Cornwallis launch site, jump straight into a little basket, go for a flight of about an hour, land and that would be it. I was completely wrong – this is not just a balloon flight it’s a fantastic unforgettable experience, lasting nearly 4 hours!


It turns out to be quite a big job preparing a balloon to fly, and everyone (16 in total) being encouraged to join in the preparations for the balloon to be inflated made us feel involved, part of a team, and gave a great opportunity to meet fellow passengers.


The safety briefings made us feel completely at ease, and totally trusting our pilot Dan who was good fun and interesting to talk to. Flying at up to 1500 feet maximum, over an area we know well, enabled us to get a glimpse into people’s back gardens (see who had a swimming pool) and also to spot tucked away houses and churches we didn’t know existed.


We flew over both our old and our current homes which gave the whole flight even more meaning. Dan was always happy to answer questions, or find things on the map that we had just spotted, and helped everyone to have a good time – even asking our opinion on which field we should land in – giving us a great feeling of being valued passengers on the flight. On the other hand if you just wanted to admire the view in peace with a big silly grin on your face (like mine), you could just enjoy the ride. 


The landing after about 75 minutes was bumpy as we’d been led to expect, and good fun. Again as a team we helped to repack the balloon, followed by a well deserved glass (or two) of champagne as the sun set.


By the time we arrived back at the Cornwallis, the whole event had lasted nearly 4 hours. Both my fiancé and I agreed that it had been great value for money, worth getting very excited about, and definitely worth doing again.


We will have no hesitation in strongly recommending Broadland Balloons for a truly superb experience”

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All smile for the camera!

The Cornwallis Country Hotel at Brome in Suffolk
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