Sunday evening flight, 13th July 2008 from Bluebell Road in Norwich


Light winds on Sunday evening saw the arrival of some very excited passengers at the launch site on Bluebell Road in Norwich. 


After the safety briefings, the envelope was soon being filled with air as the passengers stood in amazement as the balloon took shape. Once on board the passengers were soon lifted gracefully into air to begin the next phase of their hot air balloon adventure. 


Flying over Bowthorpe, Longwater, Ringland and Attlebridge one passenger was surprised at how much water was in the area and was able to see Oxbow Lakes, not normally visible from the road. 


Shouts of 'Hello' were exchanged by the passengers and their friends and family who were following behind the retrieval crew as the balloon flew overhead.

This is a great way for everyone to get involved in the experience.


As the evening sun filled the sky G-CENX descended over Great Witchingham Hall, before landing at Lenwade. Once the hot air balloon and basket were packed away, the passengers gathered to toast the flight in the traditional manner with a glass of chilled champagne or fruit juice and receive their commemorative certificate. 


“It was a brilliant experience and one we intend to repeat with you soon” said Jan Holdham.


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Hot air balloon ride over Norwich, Norfolk
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