Sunset flight of Friday 15th August 2008


Passengers and spectators eagerly gathered on the launch site on Bluebell Road in Norwich for their hot air balloon flight.


Both our hot air balloons G-CENX and G-CDHL were inflated alongside a couple of private hot air balloons, making for some superb photo opportunities. 


The passengers stood, cameras flashing away, as one by one the balloons were inflated and came to life. Both private balloons launched first and took to the skies before our balloons lifted majestically upwards to begin their journey. 


Once in sky the views were fantastic, landmarks such as Sizewell B in Suffolk, the wind turbines at Great Yarmouth and the Wash were pointed out by the pilot. 


Both hot air balloons headed in a north easterly direction before flying low over harvested fields coming to land on stubble fields at Panxworth and Hemblington. 


‘For me the best part of the flight was when we came in low over the fields, it was fantastic’ said passenger Mike Tulloch. 


When passenger Ann Gedge spoke to the office the next morning, she said ‘everything from start to finish was stunning, the pilot was so informative and even today I am still floating.’


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Sunset hot air balloon ride from Norwich, Norfolk

Hot air balloon ride over Norwich before landing at Hemblington
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