Monday early evening, 15th September 2008 - a hot air balloon flight from Norwich

As passengers checked in for their flight confirmation, they were very excited to be told that conditions were suitable for flying.


Meeting at our launch site on Bluebell Road in Norwich, passengers and spectators listened carefully to the safety briefings before helping the crew to prepare the hot air balloon for inflation.


Taking their positions beside the landrover they watched with amazement as G-CENX took on her enormous shape. Once on board passengers stood in anticipation as G-CENX stirred on the ground before finally souring into the air.


Leaving the city of Norwich behind G-CENX floated gracefully over the Norfolk countryside, passing rivers and streams, hedgerows and woodlands and golden fields.


After enjoying an hour's flight their pilot choose a stubble field in Whinburgh to land the hot air balloon and, after packing away they enjoyed a champagne toast!

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All smile for the camera!
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