Sunday morning flight of 21st September 2008

As dawn broke on Sunday morning sixteen avid passengers gathered at our launch site on Bluebell Road in Norwich for their hot air balloon ride with Broadland Balloon Flights.


Our blue balloon G-CENX was spread out on the ground.  She was then filled with cold air from our large inflation fans and slowly took on the more familiar balloon shape, much larger than some expected. G-CENX rose gracefully into the early morning air and set off on her journey.


Floating above the Norfolk countryside, powered only by the wind and the odd blast of the burners, our hot air balloon made her way in a north westerly direction before coming to a rest in the village of Attlebridge. 


After toasting the flight with a glass of champagne, conversation turned to the wonderful time they had all just shared, the photographs they had taken and the memory that would last them a lifetime.


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Sunday morning flight from Norwich
Broadland Balloon Flights
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