Morning hot air balloon flight on the first day of the main flying season!

On the first day of the main flying season, sixteen passengers met at Bluebell Road in Norwich to embark on their aerial adventure.


The early mist was soon burnt away by the morning sun and, at 08:50 as many people were getting ready to start their working day, our passengers in hot air balloon G-CENX gently rose into the skies above Norwich.


Tracking towards Wymondham, passengers enjoyed the spectacular range of differing views - the rural and the urban.


All to soon it was time to land in a stubble field just past the village of Morley.  Once the balloon was packed away, the chinking of champagne glasses was soon heard as passengers relived their adventure and shared their thoughts of the mornings activities. Geraldine Watson who was flying with her daughter Felicity to celebrate Felicity's 18th birthday, echoed everyone's thoughts when she said "Thank you again for a fabulous morning; excitement, drama, and beauty; what more can we ask for?"


We would like to thank Geraldine for sharing with us some of the photographs she took during the flight.


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Passengers enjoying the morning flight of the first day of our new season!

One of the many photographs taken by Mrs Watson during her hot air balloon flight with us this morning.
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