Sunday 10th May - the morning aerial adventure over Norfolk


Sunday morning saw our passengers, together with their loved ones, gather on the launch site on Bluebell Road, in Norwich for the beginning of their aerial adventure over Norfolk.


With everyone ready and keen to help prepare the balloon, G-CENX was soon ready for take off and at 06:30 rose gracefully into the Norfolk skies.  With fantastic visibility, passengers marvelled at the views of the Norfolk coastline as they drifted peacefully out of the City of Norwich and over the villages of Bawburgh and Little Melton.


A grass field in Wramplingham provided the ideal landing site and with everything packed away, the champagne corks were soon popping.


When speaking to the office on Monday, Mrs Karen Stokes said of her and her husband's adventure, "The only thing we can say is it was out of this world, just absolutely fantastic!  We were both slightly worried but we were both spell bound by the whole thing.


You can't describe it, it is magical.  Thank you so much.  You often fly over our garden and my husband one day, looked up and said I wonder what it is like up there, and next thing we knew our daughter had presented us with vouchers.  When we got home rang our daughter with all our thanks".


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A hot air balloon adventure over Norfolk
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