Sunday evening 24th May - A trip of a lifetime for the Evening News' Derek James



Sunday evening saw our passengers and family and friends gather at Bluebell Road in Norwich for the start of their aerial adventure.


With the formalities over, the fun could begin and after the balloon had been spread out on the ground, she was soon inflated. Passengers climbed aboard and waved goodbye to family and friend below as G-CENX gently lifted into the evening skies.


Traveling in a light easterly wind, views of Norwich were soon left behind and the smaller villages of Little Melton and Bawburgh came into sight.


As they were floating over the Norfolk skies one of our passengers had a wonderful surprise when her partner proposed to her!


Once clear of the built up areas, G-CENX descended and flew lower over the open fields before landing in a stubble field at Barford.


Once permission from the farmer was obtained and the balloon safely packed away, the champagne was soon flowing as the passengers all shared their thoughts of their adventure with us.


After be presented with a beautiful ring our bride to be said "it was fantastic and such a memorable way to be proposed too!


One of our passengers was Derek James from the Evening News and of his flight he said "The trip of a lifetime and well recommended!"


"It was brilliant, I had a great time, it was just fantastic. It was also really interesting to see all that was involved and everyone was so lovely." Carol Bullock.


Calling the office after the flight to pay for his photograph Mr Peter Terry added, "We have just finished putting together a thank you e-mail to my son who gave us the vouchers. We received a comprehensive briefing which was essential. I am an ex para trouper so I am used to flying in the sky but it was something really special which both myself and my wife would like to repeat again."


Professional fixed wing pilot John Hill humorously remarked "Absolutely lovely - just glad that my landings are not as hard!"


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A trip of a lifetime!
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