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Our pilots all hold commercial pilot licences. They undergo regular retraining and flight testing. They all hold first aid and fire fighting qualifications and are very experienced and highly competent pilots. Our pilots include some of the most highly qualified pilots in the country.

Our retrieve crew take part in regular training sessions and are all dedicated balloonists. Many are pilots themselves. Between them they have many years of experience and will ensure that passengers enjoy a safe and unforgettable flight.

Hot air ballooning is entirely dependent on the weather. For your safety and enjoyment we require light winds, no rain, stable air and good visibility. This is why all our summer flights are scheduled in the early morning or evening when the weather is normally at its calmest.

We regularly check the latest weather reports and forecasts from both the Met. Office and specialist ballooning and aviation sources. We use this information, together with our pilots’ local knowledge, to make a decision about flying.

Obviously we aim to fly as often as possible, but we will not take you flying in dangerous or even borderline conditions. Your safety is our prime consideration. Should your flight be cancelled because of weather conditions, just give us a call or visit our online date availability page and we will reschedule your trip at your convenience.

Safety Briefings
We give stringent safety briefings for both passengers and spectators before the flight to ensure that everyone is safe on the launch site. Most passengers will not have flown in a balloon before so our friendly pilots will explain exactly what to expect of each part of the experience.

We fly a fleet of modern, purpose built hot air balloons, which are inspected by a Civil Aviation Authority Inspector at regular intervals. Our baskets have been custom designed for us specifically with comfort and safety in mind and incorporate seating for all passengers to use when the balloon is landing. These greatly improve the experience during this critical part of the flight.

Peace of Mind
Broadland Balloon Flights are comprehensively insured through Lloyds of London. Full details of our policy are available on request. We are members of the British Association of Balloon Operators and the British Balloon and Airship Club and operate under the strictest guidelines. We aim to give our passengers a unique insight into the colourful world of Hot Air Ballooning in a professional and friendly atmosphere.

Safety is our paramount consideration, but we also like to have fun and do our utmost to make the experience one that you will always remember.

In-flight photos
Group in-flight photographs are taken on most hot air balloon flights and are a wonderful memento of your aerial ballooning adventure. The picture is professionally printed out of house and presented in an attractive mount.

Join Our Crew
The ground crew are often the unsung heroes in ballooning, as without the crew we could not get into the air, let alone be retrieved after the landing.

All our crew are balloon enthusiasts, some even pilots, who are pleased to answer any questions our passengers may have, and ensure that our flights are an occasion passengers will always remember.

If you are interested in joining our crew, please contact us and we will happily give you further information.

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