Rolex Yachts Mirage 40mm deep rhodium gray watch

2016 Basel rolex replica watches Fair, many popular new swiss replica watches next to, there is a calm, quietly the new yacht masculine type, in the star (ceramic ring steel Di, the new air) under the light, it is easy to be a Swept Even the yacht masculine series, the chocolate side of the Rolesor Yacht-Master also more dazzling, too much good stuff distract my attention. Complex engraved list micro letter 757233008. Then my eyes fell to the corner of the window, I saw some Xu Hong Cai blue flash, so I had a curiosity, this is the Rolex new yacht mentor 40 mm deep rhodium gray watch REF.116622. I am very happy, this is because the platinum steel yacht Ming Shi has a deep brown gray dial, with the blue highlights, although compared with the same door new brothers, more introverted, but it is definitely a stunner. This part is due to the dark tone of the dial, and two-way platinum bezel --- luxurious material made of sandblasting texture, significantly lower than the ceramic material low-key. And rhodium gray dial in the uk replica watches incident light angle transformation, become sparkling, very interesting, but also refreshing, feeling completely different from the previous black, silver and blue dial, daylight radiation pattern, bezel polished word, watch chain polished the central link, plus metal gray contrast rhodium gray overall effect, quite a sense of luxury luxury. Then the eyeballs are blue. Dial on the five lines of words, only YACHE-MASTER this line is blue text, the needle is only slender second hand into blue, blue although the proportion of elements in the disk is not large, but it can watch the visual sense of a huge influences. This brightly colored accent design, once again to the yacht Mentor a lot of light, but also once again proved Rolex on the details of the ability to grasp. In addition, the other is as usual: 40mm case, bezel platinum material, case for the steel, rated 100 meters waterproof, strong 3135 movement, with 49 hours power reserve, equipped with blue niobium PARACHROM gossamer , All in line with Rolex's latest astronomical station certification standards (Superlative Chronometre), to ensure that after loading into the case, to -2 / +2 seconds / day accuracy. Rolex this year spoiled us these watch friends, eye-catching Daytona, youth beautiful empty tyrants and countless gold watch options. However, if you prefer the introverted Rolex, you can not miss this excellent new platinum gold yacht mentor 40 deep rhodium gray watch REF.116622, the mainland price of 107500 yuan.