Rolex Oyster - who is the real "oyster"

Hello everyone I am old J, committed to provide you with the most attitudes, temperature, depth of the uk replica watches service. fake rolex watches the border is like the sea, I will use my professional and focus on the way you play the watch for you all the way to fill the pit. With the most just and objective attitude to evaluate each uk replica watches. Many friends may not know me, you can search in Baidu: old j play watch. Rolex in China can be described as well-known watch brand, excellent quality it is also in the world market has a more excellent performance. Its new and beautiful style, exquisite workmanship won the watch friends of the highly praised. Rolex's Oyster Perpetual Series is also a very classic watch, simple yet the appearance of domineering once again let "once and for all" concept in people's minds deep-rooted. But you see this watch is not genuine, is the domestic YD factory known as the top engraved, you still rely on Rolex's logo to identify true and false, then you really too underestimated the Chinese people's false technology Look at the picture as evidence Fortunately, today to friends to the gray genuine, and everyone together to distinguish between true and false Rolex. I still use GEN on behalf of genuine, REP on behalf of engraved, because friends time is tense, so did not take more detailed photos for everyone to identify, a few key positions of the zoom real shot I believe that you can let everyone identify true and false, Let's take a look at the true and false video. One, positive In the natural light, REP disc color depth is significantly lighter than the authentic, and the laser gloss is also stronger than the genuine, if not seen genuine may be a lot of friends will think that false form is genuine because it looks very bright and very luxurious, in fact Oyster-style constant movement series is a low-key simple watch. And the photo presented to us a re-engraved case width was significantly greater than genuine, no instrument measurement can also be a real change. Since it is a fake, why should continue to make a comparison? Because it is impossible to use the hands of friends will have exactly the authentic Rolex to distinguish false form, and re-engraved process will continue to upgrade, since it is to play the watch we should understand their own play what deficiencies or where there are advantages. Engraved and genuine also colorless coating, but the re-engraved laser luster will be in the strong sunlight can not see the dial to see the degree. But tens of thousands and thousands of pieces of the watch compared to we still have to relax the mind, holding the attitude to be inclusive to treat them. Continue to zoom in on the dial scale It was really tangled to see the details. Almost see the axis can see the 95% of the true and false, but this re-engraved the axis to do really can not tell, and the scale, the crown LOGO is also very three-dimensional, Not the edge and genuine consistent. The only way to distinguish is the scale and scale above the blue small box of color. Re-engraved 6-bit luminous scale slightly higher than the genuine yellow, and because the disk is too luxurious, laser light intensity, resulting in a small blue color than the deep color deep. Second, the side Watches in the hands of the texture and weight are similar, the strap feel almost similar. We look at the strap on the small screw engraved and genuine the same. Both the back cover of the degree of convex is almost the same, and the crown on the crown LOGO is also different, the crown below the horizontal line of the same thickness, I remember the old version of the re-engraved in the horizontal line is thin on both sides of the middle, this time Upgrade to get rid of, but still can not cover up the Mishap is engraved the entire body to be slightly larger, but also from the side is very intuitive to see clues. Three, clasp Normal look and see the watch and LOGO is the same, polished texture is also very comfortable. Magnified look at the engraved strap slightly gray It is the angle of the shooting light. Crown LOGO below the oval-shaped authentic than the engraved three-dimensional sense of stronger, I was almost not aware of it. Four, luminous This watch is only 3,6, 9 words with luminous, hour and minute end of the luminous no difference between the two Although the natural light under the re-engraved luminous scale slightly yellow, but in the lights out of the light box in the two watchs are so lovely and luminous. Well, thank you for watching. I am the old J, I and my team focus on research watch custom assembly testing, spend the least price to play the most high-end watches, screen the most perfect chassis work, adjust the most stable movement performance, watch this thing, regular operation Just because we are more professional